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"I am a mother of two and a previous Franchise Owner. I was overworked and underpaid and highly stressed. I wanted more time with my family and to get out of the huge debt we were in. I am excited to say this business has changed my life. I have turned my past yearly income into my monthly income (and then some). Plus I now have time to enjoy life and travel the world. Super grateful".

Lee-Anne Bartlett, Gold Coast - QLD

"I was a single Mum and Corporate Banker for over ten years. As a child, I came from underprivileged circumstances back in the Philippines, so I thought having a great job was the be all and end all; but then I had barely anytime for my kids and my new partner - I was not able to be the best of who I really am because of the constraints of my job. Finding this flexible and lucrative business has given me so much blessings, we now live an abundant life, I have time for my family, ability to take my business anywhere, and I've doubled my previous income within ten months into my business".

Grace Harris, NSW Australia 

"Becoming a mum for the first time really changed my reality of the lifestyle I wanted for my family. This business was my key to designing the ultimate lifestyle of flexibility, time, choice and financial stability." - Kirra A   

Are you finding it harder to work for a boss? Have you always wanted a better work/life balance? Then build your own business. Start part time or full time.









Kirra Alder

This photo was taken in the beautiful MALDIVES. We spent our honeymoon here before travelling to the Middle East. 

Here we are during a professional photo shoot in my home town in Jervis Bay, NSW. Nakoda, at the time was only 10 weeks old.  

My best friends and I on Hamilton Island Golf course. 

My biggest "why" that I started this business. 

HI I'M KIRRA, and welcome to my page!

I live in Australia, I’m a first time mum, a dedicated equestrian rider and I have a background in Corporate Human Resources.

I always pictured having my own business; where I had complete control over my financial success and the ability to choose the hours I worked to fit around my lifestyle. After starting a family last year, I could no longer see my self juggling the demands of a corporate career. So, whilst on maternity leave I went looking for a better way!

Fast forward to now and here I am busily building my online business.  I have the flexibility and financial independence to work from anywhere, anytime. I can be the best mum possible, still have a rewarding career, continue with my equestrian goals and I get to work with an amazing global community of like-minded people. 

I operate this business part time from the comfort of my home, allowing me to be a present mum to my little girl; all I need is a laptop, phone and internet connection. It’s a freeing feeling to have the freedom and flexibility of a totally portable business.

Since starting my journey as a business owner I have found an industry that I'm super passionate about - Personal Development and Success Education. I love what I do each day and I get to assist individuals in totally changing their lives and mindset.  I truly believe passion drives results!

What this business offers is a genuine, no nonsense, opportunity to work professionally online. This is a fully portable, turn key business system.  You'll be provided with one on one training and support and I'll show you how to build your own unique online business. I'm looking to partner only with serious, motivated and passionate people".

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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles.

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